Y7 Launches Call to Action



May 1, 2018 -- Ottawa… The Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC) is proud to announce the launch of the 2018 Y7 Call to Action -- a set of bold, pragmatic, and inclusive policy recommendations for G7 leaders that reflects the priorities of G7 youth. The Call to Action demands immediate action on major challenges facing the G7 across three key themes (1) gender equality, (2) climate change & the environment, and (3) the future of work.

After holding more than 40 consultations across the G7 with youth stakeholders, 32 delegates representing G7 Members met from April 16 to 18 in Ottawa as a Formal Engagement Group for Canada’s G7 Presidency. Delegates negotiated a series of recommendations, grounded in an ideal vision of the world by 2030, which form the Call to Action.

The Call to Action comprises three priority recommendations that align with Y7 2018 key themes and those of the Canadian G7 Presidency more broadly. Each recommendation first demands G7 leaders make an initial commitment this June at the 2018 G7 Summit in Charlevoix. A second set of actions to implement by the 2024 G7 Summit also accompanies each recommendation.

The Y7 2018 priority recommendations call for immediate action on:

  1. Appointing a Special Advisor for Freedom from Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Gender-based Violence & for Sexual Health in each G7 State;

  2. Banning microplastics in cosmetics and protecting bodies of water through legal rights; and

  3. Articulating data privacy as a human right.

“We did not want an outcome document out of the Y7 that simply mimicked the work and priorities of the G7 leaders and other engagement groups,” said Larissa Crawford, Y7 Head Delegate (Canada), “This document needed to be more than just recommendations, it needed to be a call for G7 leaders to act, and to recognize the urgency G7 youth place on these actions.”

Y7 Delegates will engage in advocacy activities across the G7 to push for the adoption of the 2018 priority recommendations. To further support the work of the Y7 Summit, the Young Diplomats of Canada and stakeholder partners will host a Call to Action launch event in late May to increase public awareness of the recommendations and encourage G7 leaders to act.

For the full text of the Y7 Call to Action please visit www.y7canada.com/advocacy-call-to-action. An exhaustive list of all twelve recommendations will also be made available. For questions or more information please contact Sabrina Grover, contact details below.

The Y7 is one of the Formal G7 Engagement Group Summits held prior to the G7 Summit and brings together youth delegates from all G7 member states and the European Union to discuss and form policy recommendations. The summit includes the negotiation and formation of a Y7 communiqué. The Y7 is the only entirely youth-led engagement group of the G7.

Sabrina Grover
Y7 Co-Chair and Media Liaison

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