Policy Themes & Consultations

Y7 2018 will focus on three key policy themes, which broadly mirror those of the Canadian G7 Presidency

In advance of the Y7 Summit, the Y7 Organizing Committee will be engaging and consulting Canadian youth from coast to coast to coast to help shape the policy agenda, while gathering insights on how young Canadians perceive items on the Y7 and G7 agenda.



Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges that the international community is facing. How will states prepare to mitigate and manage the economic, security and societal impacts of climate change? What does sustainable development mean at local level? 

Gender Equality.png

Gender Equality and empowerment 

Gender equality and empowerment needs to be a cornerstone in all aspects of policy solutions as we move forward. Creating equal opportunities for women and girls to participate in the economy, in democratic institutions and in the decision making process is critical.

Future of Work.png

The Future of work

The future of work and labor is changing rapidly. How can we ensure that the needs of employers are met by the next generation of the workforce? What are the digital and soft skills necessary to compete in the economy for young people? How can entrepreneurship be supported and promoted and what is the best environment for innovation to thrive?