Policy Themes & Consultations

Y7 2018 will focus on three key policy themes, which broadly mirror those of the Canadian G7 Presidency

In advance of the Y7 Summit, the Y7 Organizing Committee will engage and consult Canadian youth from coast to coast to coast to help shape the policy agenda, while gathering insights on how young Canadians perceive items on the Y7 and G7 agenda.



For young people, it is now more urgent than ever that the world come together to fight climate change, including by investing in clean energy and developing innovative clean technologies. We also need to protect vulnerable ecosystems and manage limited resources properly. 

Gender Equality.png

Gender Equality and empowerment 

Advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do for our economies. When women and girls succeed, we all succeed. The importance of gender equality and empowerment will be woven through all of our themes and activities, to ensure that we are being truly inclusive as we advance our priorities.

Future of Work.png

The Future of work

As technologies and markets evolve, young people must be prepared for the jobs and industries of the future and ensuring growth works for everyone. Discussions might focus on tackling precarious work, increasing inequality, universal basic income, and the challenges & opportunities of transformative technology (e.g. AI, blockchain, & genomics)