Call to Action


Young people are the most valuable resource available to the G7. Yet, we harbour deep concerns about the future; the security of the intersectional identities we cherish, the state of the environment, and confronting a changing labour market. More than 40 consultations held across the G7 underscored the urgency to act on these issues. In April 2018, 32 youth delegates met in Ottawa on the unceded territory of the Algonquin people to discuss. To realize a more inclusive, cleaner, decarbonized, and sustainable world by 2030, we call G7 Leaders to commit to immediate action.

GENDER EQUALITY: Responding to Movements Vocalizing Sexual Assault & Gender-Based Violence

Vision for 2030: We will live in a world where everyone’s bodily integrity is recognized and respected, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, and where all people live free from violence, discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse.

By the 2018 G7 Summit we call upon each G7 government to appoint an empowered Special Advisor to the Head of Government for Freedom from Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Gender-based Violence & for Sexual Health.

By the 2024 G7 Summit in coordination with each country’s Special Advisor, we call on the G7 to develop common strategies with the private sector and civil society to address and report annually on:

  • All forms of gender-based violence including homophobia, transphobia and sexual trafficking in vulnerable communities;
  • Online harassment, youth mental health, toxic masculinity and workplace culture; and
  • Adapting sexual & reproductive health education to the 21st century.

CLIMATE CHANGE & ENVIRONMENT: Saving All Bodies of Water through Immediate Action on Plastics

Vision for 2030: We will live in a world where marine ecosystems and biodiversity are protected, valued and flourishing and where all governments have committed to rapid decarbonisation.

By the 2018 G7 Summit we call upon the G7 to:

  • Fully ban micro plastics in cosmetics with ambitious targets to quickly phase out other harmful plastics; and
  • Establish a G7 working group that generates innovative ways to protect bodies of water, such as legal rights, expansion of protected areas, & the creation of a list of endangered waters.

By the 2024 G7 Summit we call on G7 governments to have led the creation of a binding international treaty that coordinates the sustainable management and revitalization of fresh and salt water bodies.

FUTURE OF WORK: Enshrining Data Privacy as a Human Right

Vision for 2030: We will live in a world where new and existing technology serves people better and responsibly promotes inclusion, while protecting individual privacy and data.

By the 2018 G7 Summit we call upon the G7 to clearly articulate that the human right to privacy includes full ownership of personal data, even when data are used and modified by non-human entities for profit.

By the 2024 G7 Summit we call on G7 governments to have led an international effort to articulate the ownership of personal data as a human right, while supporting global compliance efforts.