APRIL 15 - 18, 2018


 Y7 Head Delegates meeting with G7 Sherpas in Ottawa on April 18, 2018.

Y7 Head Delegates meeting with G7 Sherpas in Ottawa on April 18, 2018.



The Youth 7 (Y7) is a Formal G7 Engagement Group Summit held alongside the G7 Summit, bringing together youth delegates to represent the millions of young people who live, study and work across G7 member states and the European Union.

Each year, Y7 delegates meet to negotiate and form policy recommendations for the G7 that reflect the priorities of young people. Forming a Y7 Communiqué, the recommendations are presented directly to G7 leaders. 

This year, the Y7 will be held in Ottawa, Ontario, on the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg people.

The Team

The Y7 2018 Summit will be convened by the Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC). YDC is a federally incorporated non-profit, non-partisan, and youth-led organization comprised of a team of volunteers who are passionate about Canadian foreign policy, diplomacy, and international affairs. 


Co-chair/co-président: Max Seunik 
Co-chair/co-présidente: Sabrina Grover
Negotiations Lead: Heather Evans
Delegate Lead: Nicholas Schiavo
Stakeholder Lead: Olivia Labonté
Sponsorship Lead: Sydney Oakes


Indigenous Engagement: Jed Johns

Our Vision 

Y7 2018 is dedicated to ensuring that youth are interwoven within the entirety of the G7 process, including as part of the consultation process and the final policy recommendations.

We are guided by the goal of developing recommendations for G7 Leaders that are boldpragmatic, and inclusive. 

To achieve this outcome, the Y7 Summit will focus on three (3) guiding principles to maximize youth voices:

  • Linked to the government decision-making processes in time to incorporate youth recommendations into the final Leaders' Communiqué

  • Part of a larger conversation

  • Highly participatory through the inclusion of multiple approaches to ensure all youth have an opportunity to be heard

The final output of Y7 2018 will be a consensus-driven Call to Action (un appel à l'action) for G7 Leaders demanding action on the priorities of young people. 


Get Involved

Each G7 member state & the European Union have recruited and selected a gender-balanced youth delegation of four (4) delegates.

Kindly note: as of March 2018 these processes have closed

Follow Y7 2018 over social media to keep up to date with developments before, during and after the Summit.

Volunteer opportunities

We will be recruiting for volunteers to help with the Summit in Ottawa in Spring 2018. Stay tuned!